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The name almost says it all, Green is Good, but it doesn't explain that the green is even better if it coexists with the ocean blue - because that's precisely where you find us, in the heart of the old village Ericeira, where you can relax to the sound of waves by the Fisherman's Beach.

In GiG, we seek a balance between day and night, healthy and tasty, old and contemporary. This restaurant was built on the site of an old historic grocery store and many original fittings have been preserved. Do look at the wall cupboards. They are at least 90 years old.

We have created a restaurant where you can enjoy the best our cuisine has to offer without losing sight of all the ingredients needed for healthy living 

Because our secret is to keep it balanced.


Working Hours 10:00 – 16:00
Day Off: 

Address: Travessa da Misericórdia 16
2655-311 Ericeira
Phone: +351 919 741 825
Email: [email protected]