Healthy Food Restaurant

GiG, like everything else in nature, has its cycles. From morning until late afternoon, the logic of the lighter and healthier snack is followed, accompanied by tasty and creative natural juices; at night we respond to the appeal of comfort and intimacy, providing, more than a meal, a moment of tasting and pleasure, but always with a menu that does not yield to excesses. Because our secret is balance.


The nutritional content is as important as the flavor, so we have the help of an accredited nutritionist to bring you the most delicious, healthy and balanced dishes.

Local Meat

Because we care about the sustainability of the environment that surrounds us, we consume local meat in order to ensure that our dishes are appetizing and always use fresh ingredients.

Organic Eggs

Organic eggs are obtained in the most natural way possible: they come from chickens with access to pasture and fed in a biological way, thus becoming much more tasty and nutritious.

Deep Fried Free

To avoid excessive consumption of fats, we offer equally delicious alternatives, with the guarantee of a healthy cooking and without harmful ingredients to health.