Healthy Food Restaurant

The name says almost everything, Green is Good, but it does not show that green is even better if it is next to the blue of the sea – because it is precisely there where we are, in the heart of the old Ericeira town, surrounded by the sound of the Fisherman’s Beach waves.

In GiG, we seek balance. Between the day and the night, between the healthy and the tasty, between the old and the contemporary, we built a new place but full of history – from an old grocery store, from which we kept the original furniture, we built a restaurant where you can enjoy the best that our gastronomy has to offer, without losing sight of the spices for a careful diet. To achieve this, we have recovered flavors and ingredients from the past that we learned to cook in an innovative way, in dishes developed with the help of an accredited nutritionist who guides us.

GiG, like everything else in nature, has its cycles. From morning until late afternoon, the logic of the lighter and healthier snack is followed, accompanied by tasty and creative natural juices; at night, we respond to the appeal of comfort and intimacy, providing, more than a meal, a moment of tasting and pleasure, but always with a menu that does not yield to excesses. Because our secret is balance.